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Welcome to the fun and fascinating world of Naked Soul Minerals.  We offer a unique and stunning selection of minerals, fossils, crystals and jewelry. Each piece is hand picked to meet the highest standard of quality demanded by owner Mike McCormick. Though some specimens and pieces are from his home states of Washington and Arizona, many come from exotic locations around the world.  Each treasure is interesting and beautiful and many offer beneficial healing properties.  At Naked Soul Minerals we are passionate about bringing the beauty and power of mother nature into the hands and homes of our valued customers. 

Mike ~ Owner

Mike has a fascination with rocks that stems from early childhood.  While working as an antique dealer in Quartzsite AZ, he was introduced to the alluring world of minerals.  He loved the welcoming and knowledgeable community  surrounding it.  He joined rock and gem clubs in Washington and Arizona and began developing his expertise.  He started rock hounding and expanded his antiques business to incorporate the minerals, fossils and crystals he was acquiring.  Each new discovery fuels his enthusiasm and awe for the natural beauty and power of mother earth.  Mike would love to share his enthusiasm and knowledge with you.

Darby ~ Associate 

Darby started collecting rocks at an early age.  She even occasionally broke her mother’s dryer from all the rocks in her pockets!  As she got older, she started to form a deep and mystic connection to minerals and crystals and wanted to learn more.  She educated herself in the metaphysical properties of  the many beautiful treasures that earth has to offer. Through a mutual passion for crystals and minerals she met Mike. Their joint enthusiasm grew into Naked Soul Minerals.  Darby specializes in the metaphysical helping and healing aspects of your selected piece.

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